BENEVACANTISM: Heresy taught by convert Ann Barnhardt claiming that Pope Benedict is still the Pope, because his resignation was coerced, therefore Pope Francis is not the Pope.

So why name this heresy after Pope Benedict?

Why not name this heresy after its creator? Ann Barnhardt

Benevacantism should be labeled Barnhardtism.

Barnhardt should get all the credit she deserves and demands.

The followers of Barnhardt should be labeled Barnhardites. 


  1. Not clear on the rationality of the moniker "Benevacantist" as the attributed claim is that a) the Chair ain't at all empty & b) Benedict is the one fillin' it.
    On a 2nd pt: Barnhardt's position denies no revealed truth, so her opinion cannot be called "heresy." Lastly, Bro Alexis, while giving her message due credit, affords a far more reaching analysis of the situation than does Barnhardt; perhaps the writer is unfamiliar w/ the friar's contributions to the "indictment."


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