60 Year Old Apostate And Practicing Sodomite James Grein Does A First? First Time Testimony & First Time Demanding Multi-Million Dollar Settlement....



The only reason someone leaves the Catholic Church is because of the Sins they committed in which they refuse to confess to a Priest and refuse to repent of.

That's the only reason.

This 60 year-old Sodomite claims to be an UN-willing victim of Theodore McCarrick.

For some reason this 60 year-old Sodomite is now coming forward to claim his victim hood.

Why now?

Hush money run out?

Claims he left the church and still has not returned.


Because he likes his Sodomite lifestyle more than he loves his soul.

Look this Sodomite is and was a willing participate in Sodomy.

Now this Sodomite will demand millions from the Church.

This will never get to court.

You all fell for it.

Oh and yea....no one has ever lied under oath....


Oh and some questions for the 60 Year Old Apostate And Practicing Sodomite James Grein:

How much of the McCarrick Hush Money received over the 40 years or so did you spend on male prostitutes? gay porn? alcohol? gay orgies? gay cruises? gay boyfriends? etc...


How many underage boys did you rape over the last 40 years or so?

Fair questions that the 60 Year Old Apostate And Practicing Sodomite James Grein will never answer because that doesn't fit the narrative.


Oh and one last thing.....

Why do RAD TRADS believe LAY SODOMITES and refuse to believe any Cleric who was accused of Sodomy?

Will Heretic Ann Barnhardt ever call Apostate and Practicing Sodomite James Grein a FAGGOT?

Again LOL!