Why Hasn't SODOMITE Juan Carlos Cruz Made The 8 Page Letter To The Pope Public?

Why do Sodomites hate the Pope so much?

Isn't the Sodomite Juan Carlos Cruz in his 30's pushing 40?

That means that this Juan Carlos Cruz waited over 20+ years to come forward.

Why is Pope Francis to blame for something that may or may not have taken place during the Pontificate of John Paul II?

Why wait so long? Maybe Juan Carlos Cruz was too busy screwing young boys?

Please if you want to publicly accuse the Pope then by all means make your Letter PUBLIC.

No, instead Juan Carlos Cruz leaked only small parts of the EIGHT page letter:

But members of the papal child protection commission say they presented an eight-page letter written by Juan Carlos Cruz to Cardinal Sean O’Malley in April 2015. The cardinal is Francis’ top adviser on abuse. In the letter, Cruz makes detailed claims of the kissing and fondling that Karadima subjected him to, which he stressed Barros was a witness to. The intention was for the cardinal to then hand the letter to Francis. Source

Oh and here's the LETTER:

Let's have a look see.....

There have already been Catholic Churches set on fire in Chile because of these Sodomites.

There have been mobs attacking the Priests and Bishops during Mass.

Is that what you want?

I bet this Sodomite Juan Carlos Cruz will soon call for the death of Pope Francis


  1. The simple explanation would be that the letter probably isn't as exciting as the media are making it out to be.

    Or perhaps this Cruz chap has some integrity and doesn't want to get in bed with either the LGBTQXYZ-liberal media or the Mad Rad Trads. If so, more power to him.

  2. Still the bombing of churches in Chile and the mob attack of bishop and priest during Mass - is orchestrated to some extent - using clerical sex abuse to inflame the mob - If I was given the task to upset the political balance in Chile I would start with the clerical sex abuse scandal and see how far the mob is willing to go.

    Next to watch is the murder of Bishop Barros

    After that we can turn Chile into another Caracas and take over.....

    So I don't think Juan Carlos Cruz is as innocent as the media makes him to be. (he would make a good asset for the CIA)

    The media has not shown us pics of Juan Carlos Cruz and his wife and kids - because he isn't married.

    When will the media bring to light his proclivities?

    Also too this Juan Carlos Cruz letter that was not acknowledge by the Pope will be an excuse to commit violence against the Pope.

  3. Interesting perspective.

    Unfortunately in today's liberal world, any such questions are viewed as "victim-blaming", and all rational discourse is shut down.

    In fact, if the feminist movement decided to use #MeToo to initiate anti-Church activities in the United States, it would be a resounding success (by their standards.)

    The unholy alliance between liberals, "neo-conservatives" and Rad Mad Trads is reaching boiling point.

    Sometimes I've wondered if the reason Paul VI wanted Psalm 82 (83) out of the Liturgy of the Hours is that it was too prophetic about the phalanx of enemies which would launch a (seemingly) final attack on the Church soon after his death... =)

  4. Thanks for the reminder on Psalm 82


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