Pope Francis: Abortion NO LONGER A SIN! All Women Must Abort In Order To Save The Planet!

Ever wonder why the Catholic Pro-Life movement embraces all faiths? And considers that one faith is as good as another?

The only doctrine that the majority of Catholics believe in - is the Pro-Life Doctrine. All Catholics reject just about every Catholic Doctrine and Dogma except for Pro-Life Doctrine.

This the reason why the majority of Catholics are comfortable with Pope Francis.

It does not matter to the Pro-Life movement what heresies come out of the Pope's mouth - as long as Pope Francis remains faithful to the Pro-Life Dogma - its all good.

No Pro-Lifer dare consider Pope Francis to be a Heretic - because the Pope still holds to the Pro-Life Doctrine.

Same goes for the majority of Bishops Cardinals and Priests - as long as they are Pro-Life - its all good.

This is also why the Pro-Life is demonic. They reject all of the essential Catholic Dogmas and Doctrines and minor doctrines as well.

The only doctrine that matters to Pro-Lifers is that you are considered Pro-Life.

This is why the Pro-Life embraces all faiths - it does not matter if one rejects  the Catholic Faith, what does matter is that you are Pro-Life.

So where is all this heading?

One day Pope Francis will no longer call Abortion a Sin - but a virtue. Pope Francis will justify this wicked heresy by stating that all Women must abort in order to save the Planet.

The Pro-Lifers will buy this Pope Francis new doctrine on Abortion hook line and sinker as a Just punishment from God.