Duterte To Jihadists: I'll Eat Your Liver With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti FFF FFF FFF...

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatens to eat livers of Islamic terrorists

He'll eat them with "salt and vinegar." Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte held back no punches when addressing the jihadi fighters attempting to besiege the southern region of the country. Duterte threatened to eat the liver of the Islamic terrorists to blame for beheading two Vietnamese sailors after his troops recovered their remains on the island of Basilan. "I will eat your liver if you want me to. Give me salt and vinegar and I will eat it raw in front of you," Duterte said about the ISIS-linked militants before a group of local officials on Wednesday, according to GMA. "I will eat everything. I am not picky. I eat even what cannot be swallowed." Source


  1. This guy kicks some serious assets. I want to live in a country whose leader threatens to eat Islamic terrorists.

  2. Dutuerte is a mess, he hates the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ, without the help of the Mother of God, he cannot conquer anything, literally nothing at all except persecute Catholiics. The Cristeros were completely outnumbered, they had no food, nothing except the Mother of God and they mowed down all opposition.


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