85 Reasons Why Fr. Gruner Is An Evil Sonofabitch!

Disciple Roberto Fiore & Master Father Giulio Maria Tam

Just announced by Fr Gruner that Bishop Bernard Fellay is to appear at Fr. Gruner's annual money making conference on Fatima. see here

OK.... maybe I am an idiot and I got things very, very, very, wrong.......but then again I bet not!

Something is not right here. Either Fr. Gruner has counted his chickens before they were hatched (like his all his plots) or Bishop Fellay hasn't a clue into what he has gotten himself into.

Either way this news is bad news, very bad news.

So one of two things will happen - either Fr. Gruner will issue some sort of retraction stating that indeed Bishop Fellay will not be able to attend the conference or that Mr. Roberto Fiore will not be in attendance - Either - Or - no in between.

But then again most traditionalists probably won't care - no other show in town & Fr Gruner has the lot of you mesmerized.

Here it is from Fr. Gruner on the appearance of Bishop Fellay & Roberto Fiore:

Bishop Bernard Fellay

We are pleased to welcome Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, to the distinguished assembly of speakers at “Fatima: Path to Peace!”. Bishop Fellay began his priestly studies at the SSPX seminary in Econe, Switzerland, in 1977. He was ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1982 and acted as Bursar for the SSPX for the next 10 years. In 1988, he was consecrated bishop and in 1994 was elected Superior General. He was re-elected to another 12-year term in 2006. The Fatima Path To Peace Conference

Robert Fiore

Roberto was born in Rome, Italy on April 15 1959. He is Catholic, married and father of 11 children, he entered in politics in 1973. Since 1997 his political party Forza Nuova is oriented to focus on the well being of Italy. The party’s program is outlined in “8 Steady Points for National Reconstruction”. These points anticipate the main political, economical and social themes of today. He believes in the importance of all sovereign countries to cooperate to achieve the above goals. This policy brought him to travel several times to Russia where he’s willing to establish a cultural and political connection to achieve the project of a Christian and Roman Europe that includes Russia as being the possible future world peace power. He’s also been a European parliamentarian from May 2008 to July 2009. The Fatima Path To Peace Conference

Most of you may not know this but back in 1980 on 2 August (the feast of St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori, for those who pay attention to such things) a bombing took place at a train station in Bologna Italy - 85 were murdered.

Here is a photo of the terrorist bombing:

85 Murdered By Roberto Fiore 2 August 1980 

Notice that Fr. Gruner fails to mention Roberto Fiore's involvement in the Bologna Massacre. Gruner does mention that Fiore was involved in politics by 1973 when he was a ripe old age of 14! No mention of what Fiore did when he was 21!

Did any of you know this little over looked detail about one of Gruner's speakers? Killing 85 souls some 33 years ago and now makes an appearance on the world stage with Fr. Gruner! Wow! what penance Fiore must of done - so great a penance that the crime itself has been erased by Fr Gruner himself!

What happened you say? Well Roberto Fiore being the political animal he is and was belonged to a terrorist organization hell bent on making noise for the love of modern democracy - Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari - it was formed in 1977 by Roberto Fiore when he was a wee lad of just 18 years and in a few years later Fiore's revolutionary terrorist organization the NAR carried out the terrorist attack killing 85 in Bologna, Italy.

On August 26, 1980, the prosecutor of Bologna issued twenty-eight arrest warrants against extreme right militants of the NAR: Roberto Fiore, Massimo Morsello (future founders of Forza Nuova), Gabriele Adinolfi, Francesca Mambro, Elio Giallombardo, Amedeo De Francisci, Massimiliano Fachini, Roberto Rinani, Giuseppe Valerio Fioravanti, Claudio Mutti, Mario Corsi, Paolo Pizzonia, Ulderico Sica, Francesco Bianco, Alessandro Pucci, Marcello Iannilli, Paolo Signorelli, PierLuigi Scarano, Francesco Furlotti, Aldo Semerari, Guido Zappavigna, GianLuigi Napoli, Fabio De Felice, Maurizio Neri. They were interrogated in Ferrara, Rome, Padua and Parma. All were released from prison in 1981.

In 1981 Roberto Fiore was a free man & he fled to London. Fiore was never convicted because some Mason in the P2 lodge falsified some info on the up and coming political organizer. Call it a get out of jail free card - nothing ever happened to the Mason who falsified evidence and Roberto Fiore got off scott free - with the help of a Mason!

Just think you form a political organization at the age of 18 that planned and carried out a terrorist attack killing 85 and you just sit there doing nothing, not saying a word, not telling the authorities of the planned attack, keeping silent! WOW! what courage Roberto Fiore has! The sonofabitch claims he is innocent on a technicality - but never claimed he never formed the terrorist NAR & never claimed he never belonged to the NAR.

Here you Latin Mass loving followers of Fr. Gruner  - here is a list of all 85 victims of Roberto Fiore's youthful indiscretion - will any of you offer up Masses for these dead? Cause I'm sure as hell Roberto  Fiore didn't do any penance for his victims!

85 reasons why Fr. Gruner is an evil sonofabitch!

  • Antonella Ceci, 19
  • Angela Marino, 23
  • Leo Luca Marino, 24
  • Domenica Marino, 26
  • Errica Frigerio, 57
  • Vito Diomede Fresa, 62
  • Cesare Francesco Diomede Fresa, 14
  • Anna Maria Bosio, 28
  • Carlo Mauri, 32
  • Luca Mauri, 6
  • Eckhardt Mader, 14
  • Margret Rohrs, 39
  • Kai Mader, 8
  • Sonia Burri, 7
  • Patrizia Messineo, 18
  • Silvana Serravalli, 34
  • Manuela Gallon, 11
  • Natalia Agostini, 40
  • Marina Antonella Trolese, 16
  • Anna Maria Salvagnini, 51
  • Roberto De Marchi, 21
  • Elisabetta Manea, 60
  • Eleonora Geraci, 46
  • Vittorio Vaccaro, 24
  • Velia Carli, 50
  • Salvatore Lauro, 57
  • Paolo Zecchi, 23
  • Viviana Bugamelli, 23
  • Catherine Helen Mitchell, 22
  • John Andrew Kolpinski, 22
  • Angela Fresu, 3
  • Maria Fresu, 24
  • Loredana Molina, 44
  • Angelica Tarsi, 72
  • Katia Bertasi, 34
  • Mirella Fornasari, 36
  • Euridia Bergianti, 49
  • Nilla Natali, 25
  • Franca Dall'Olio, 20
  • Rita Verde, 23
  • Flavia Casadei, 18
  • Giuseppe Patruno, 18
  • Rossella Marceddu, 19
  • Davide Caprioli, 20
  • Vito Ales, 20
  • Iwao Sekiguchi, 20
  • Brigitte Drouhard, 21
  • Roberto Procelli, 21
  • Mauro Alganon, 22
  • Maria Angela Marangon, 22
  • Verdiana Bivona, 22
  • Francisco Gómez Martínez, 23
  • Mauro Di Vittorio, 24
  • Sergio Secci, 24
  • Roberto Gaiola, 25
  • Angelo Priore, 26
  • Onofrio Zappalà, 27
  • Pio Carmine Remollino, 31
  • Gaetano Roda, 31
  • Antonino Di Paola, 32
  • Mirco Castellaro, 33
  • Nazzareno Basso, 33
  • Vincenzo Petteni, 34
  • Salvatore Seminara, 34
  • Carla Gozzi, 36
  • Umberto Lugli, 38
  • Fausto Venturi, 38
  • Argeo Bonora, 42
  • Francesco Betti, 44
  • Mario Sica, 44
  • Pier Francesco Laurenti, 44
  • Paolino Bianchi, 50
  • Vincenzina Sala, 50
  • Berta Ebner, 50
  • Vincenzo Lanconelli, 51
  • Lina Ferretti, 53
  • Romeo Ruozi, 54
  • Amorveno Marzagalli, 54
  • Antonio Francesco Lascala, 56
  • Rosina Barbaro, 58
  • Irene Breton, 61
  • Pietro Galassi, 66
  • Lidia Olla, 67
  • Maria Idria Avati, 80
  • Antonio Montanari, 86

Then again maybe just maybe Bishop Fellay heard the general confession of the picked upon terrorist Roberto Fiore and maybe, just maybe Fiore is just a misunderstood martyr for modern democracy!

And to think the conference is to be held a week before the feast day of Our Lady of La Salette!

Nothing to see here folks....move along.....move along.......

How wicked is it to label your conference "The Fatima Path To Peace Conference" and invite a guy to speak at your conference who murdered 85 in a political terrorist act.

* Fr. Gruner died almost two years later after this post was published.

Here are videos of Roberto Fiore:

24 June 2017

2 April 2016