Pope Francis Mindanao DOOM Update: Duterte Says Resorts World Attack Work Of ‘Crazy Man,’ Not Islamic State ...Wink...Wink.....

Duterte: Resorts World attack work of ‘crazy man,’ not Islamic State 

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday said a predawn attack on Resorts World Manila that left the gunman and 37 other people dead was the work of a “crazy man,” dismissing a claim by a top ally in Congress who insisted that the violence was the work of a “lone wolf” terrorist. “It’s not Isis,” Mr. Duterte told reporters in Cagayan de Oro, referring to the Islamic State (IS), which had earlier claimed responsibility for the Friday attack. He insisted the gunman apparently “did not want to kill” but set the place ablaze after stealing millions worth of casino chips. “That is not the work of Isis. The work of the Isis is more cruel and brutal. They would simply kill people for nothing, not even for a reason,” Mr. Duterte said. Source