70,000 MUSLIM Refugees Arrive In Europe By Sea In 2017! How Many MUSLIMS Did Cardinal Burke's Knights Of Malta Bring In?

A reverse crusade.

Instead of stemming the tide of the Muslim invaders - the Knights of Malta is bringing them into Europe!

First The Knights Of Malta Who Helped Muslims Invade Europe:

Refugee Crisis: New Operation for Order of Malta Italian Relief Corps in the Aegean Sea

Aegean SAR Operation is the name of the Order of Malta’s latest humanitarian mission. As part of an agreement the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps is now working onboard a Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), in close cooperation with the Greek Coastguards and local authorities. This is an important rescue operation for refugees fleeing conflict along the Aegean Sea route between Turkey and Greece; a shorter distance but not for this any safer than the Strait of Sicily. The teams onboard the Responder vessel – equipped for rescue at sea – have been operative since Christmas Eve. On Monday morning they saved the lives of 59 migrants, including 6 children, off the coast of the island of Lesvos. Since 2008, the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps has been providing medical aid on board the Italian Coastguard and Customs Officers vessels and, since the “Mare Nostrum” mission with the Italian Navy, guaranteeing prompt and effective interventions in the Strait of Sicily. During these seven years, its doctors and nurses have developed specific skills for providing aid at sea, even in extreme weather conditions. The Order of Malta’s teams have assisted over 40,000 refugees and migrants. Order Of Malta Read More>>>>>>>

Mediterranean migrant arrivals reach 69,574 in 2017; Deaths: 1,569

30/5/17 Geneva - IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 69,574 migrants, including refugees, entered Europe by sea in 2017 through 28 May, with over 80 per cent arriving in Italy and the remainder arriving in Greece, Cyprus and Spain. This compares with 198,346 arrivals across the region through 28 May 2016.
Missing Migrants Project (MMP) reported deaths on three Mediterranean Sea routes now top 1,569, with several new reports arriving Monday of remains of migrants discovered in the waters between Libya and Italy.  IOM Rome reported that, through 28 May this year, 58,944 migrants, including refugees, have landed in Italy. (See chart below).  

IOM Rome spokesperson Flavio Di Giacomo reported Monday that more than 250 migrants were rescued over the weekend. Operations are still underway. Also on Monday, 29 May, Di Giacomo confirmed that seven corpses were brought to Palermo after being retrieved in recent rescue operations. He said survivors taken to Pozzallo reported at least one recent incident that resulted in 20 drownings.  IOM Libya’s Christine Petré reported that on Monday, 29 May, a total of 2,845 migrants were rescued at sea off Libya during the 10-day period beginning 18 May, in 11 different rescue operations off the Western Libyan coastal cities of Az Zawiyah, Zuwara and Tripoli.  Eight rescue operations have taken place off Az Zawiyah, with 1,773 people (1,578 men, 143 women and 52 children) being rescued. All migrants have been taken to Shuhada al Nasr detention centre. IOM staff visited the centre and warned that further support is needed as the detention centre remains heavily overpopulated. IOM has recognized the need for humanitarian assistance including the provision of non-food aid and is assessing an emergency response including psychosocial first aid.  “Usually the migrants who are rescued are found in a very fragile and vulnerable state of mind,” explained IOM Libya’s Samer Daw. “They build their dreams on going to Europe and when these dreams are shattered, they are left in a terrible situation. Therefore, the psychosocial support activities are a good way for them to relieve some of their stress.” IOM Read More>>>>>>>