Vaticanista Predicts 'Formal Correction' Of AL By Next Weekend?

Francis and the "divorce" of the cardinals
March 30, 2017
Orazio La Rocca

Translation by Andrew Guernsey

The resistance keeps strong for the cardinals who oppose the pope’s openings on the sacraments to remarried, cohabiting and unmarried couples. "It's spreading a harmful confusion for the Church."

Pope Francis ought to confront the dubia and criticisms of important cardinals about the doctrine of the 'new families'.


There is no peace for the Pope on the admission to the sacraments to divorced and remarried, cohabiting and de-facto couples. The four cardinals are insisting on the Dubia (ie, doubts) raised after the two synods on the family and the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris laetitia which has given way to sacramental openings to those who contracted another marriage or who cohabitate out of line with ecclesiastical canons.

"Faced with the silence of the Holy Father on our dubia, we will be forced to ask for further clarification because on this matter there is still too much confusion," announces the 69 year-old Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, a signatory of Dubia with colleagues Charles Caffara Walter Brandmuller and Joachim Meisner . These reservations are also shared by the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine for the Faith, Gerhard Muller, the author a book, not yet published in Italy, in which he argues that not even the Pope can "lay a hand on the sacraments" in reference to the openings to 'wounded' families wanted by Francis.

Criticisms and clarifications are advanced by a cardinal’s growing "party," which is ready to stand up in the face of Bergoglio’s silence. It was the same Burke to announce it, speaking on March 24 last March in Springfield, Virginia, in the United States, going on to say that the cardinals of Dubia are ready for "a possible formal correction" on the matter of the sacraments to divorced and remarried and those cohabitating, hoping that there might be "an answer" at least from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith because it concerns "fundamental questions that are honestly raised by the exhortation Amoris laetitia." The papal silence itself is irritating the five dissenting cardinal, says Burke. "As long as there will not be an answer," the cardinal, in fact, reasons, "there will continue to be spread a very harmful confusion in the Church. One of the fundamental questions concerns the truth that there are things that are always and everywhere wrong - what we call intrinsically evil acts - and so we cardinals will continue to insist on having answers to these sincere questions. "

For the Cardinal, the publication of dubia was not "a blatant act of disrespect" to the Pope, but "we did it only after learning from Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith that he would not answer." "We published them because so many faithful approached us, asking us these questions," but also because "none of the cardinals who have the grave responsibility to assist the Holy Father were asking these questions. And so with great respect we have made the Dubia public. What wrong is there?".

If the Pope will not respond, it is the threat of Burke that, "we will have to correct the situation again in a respectful manner, that is by drawing the answer to questions from the constant teaching of the Church and to make it known for the good of souls." When? Perhaps in April, exactly one year after the publication of Amoris Laetitia. Pope Francis has been warned.

Note: Orazio La Rocca is a Italian journalist and Vatican expert, who is close friends with Cardinal Coccopalmerio, such that Coccopalmerio had him do a press conference on his book on Chapter 8 of AL. Source