Pope Francis Egypt Flight DOOM! Today Most Of Us Feel Reasonably Confident About Planes.....

Overly confident are we?

Pope Francis flies to Egypt on Friday. In the past faithful Catholics might have offered up a nervous prayer whenever they heard that the Pope was boarding a plane, because they worried about the safety of air travel. Today most of us feel reasonably confident about planes (although a quick prayer for a safe trip would still be in order), but with this most unpredictable of Pontiffs, we worry about what the Holy Father might say during his usual in-flight meeting with reporters. Source

Today most of us feel reasonably confident about planes.......

Isn't that 'confidence' a foreboding sign of doom? 


  1. Der "Pope"-The "Pope" speak: Dialog-Dialog-Blahblabla!Quaququaqu=Waitin for Godot.But coming is Pozzo!


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