MOROCCO DOOM! Drunk Rich Kid Causes A Car Crash In Morocco And Films The Whole Episode


A Moroccan man filmed himself driving his Ferrari while totally drunk on the night of April 17 — an act which, unsurprisingly, ended in a car crash. The videos he posted on Snapchat before and after the accident, including one in which he openly mocks the police officer who came to make a report, has scandalised social media in the country. The young man is Hamza Derham, the son of a well-known, wealthy Moroccan businessman. Derham posted a series of videos on Snapchat, filmed by someone else, showing him swigging from a bottle of champagne while driving, dancing in a club, and then later uncorking another bottle of champagne in the car. The next snap, in the cold light of day, shows the smashed bonnet and headlight of his Ferrari, before swinging round to show him wearing sunglasses and a vest, and gesticulating and jeering at the camera. Derham seems to be still drunk, and he trains the camera on the police officer, while sniggering, "Mr Reporter, what are you reporting Mr Reporter?" [In (incorrect) French: "Monsieur le constateur, qu’est-ce que tu constates monsieur le constateur ? "] The officers on the scene ignore him. The final snap shows Derham in an ambulance, in the passenger seat next to the driver. He films himself and the driver while looking over his sunglasses and blithely smoking a cigarette.Source Read More>>>>>>>


  1. Lol. Sadly there are not a few Ferraris that suffer a similar fate and get destroyed by their drunk, rich owners.


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