Evil Portent For Pope Francis: Shepherd Gets Attacked By Sheep! LOL!

"Pastors must have the odour of the sheep, all over them!" Pope Francis 
“He wants shepherds who are with their sheep, who - as he said very memorably - have the smell of their sheep on them.” Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles Brown


  1. Best omen yet! I wonder if Archbishop Brown is ready to meet the Great Pumpkin. BTW, why do I still find that intentionally impure breastfeeding mockery on your page? I know you are trying to shock us with its depravity, but absolutely no cropping or visual censor? Good enough for an open Mass with JPII, but not good enough for a Catholic blog. You are your brother's keeper!

    1. on second thought I won't use the Hearst pic anymore!

    2. I think that counts as a good omen. We shall see...


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