Pope Francis SPAIN DOOM! Stripper Drowns At California Stripper Club - Costal del Sol, Spain!

More doom follows new cardinals back home.

This time its Spain

Pope Francis made Carlos Osoro Sierra of Madrid (Spain) a cardinal and a few weeks later Southern Spain was hit by horrendous flood
Woman, 26, drowns after the basement strip club where she worked slowly filled with water as rescue crew tried to smash their way in during horrific Spanish floods 
A horrific video has emerged of firemen and police divers battling in vain to save a 26-year-old woman who drowned inside a 24-hour strip club on the Costal del Sol. The victim, caught in the flash flooding which has hit tourist resorts in southern Spain, made a desperate call to the emergency services when she realised the water level was rising to a dangerous level and she could not get out. A passer-by caught the drama on video as Estepona bore the brunt of the freak weather which also hit Marbella, Malaga, Mijas and other towns and villages along this stretch of the coast. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Again here is the list of possible DOOM events in the following nations:

  1. Albania
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Belgium
  4. Brazil
  5. Central African Republic
  6. Italy
  7. Lesotho
  8. Malaysia
  9. Mauritius
  10. Mexico
  11. Papua New Guinea
  12. Spain
  13. USA
  14. Venezuela
Highlighted nations state hit by DOOM.

Costal del Sol, Spain

Costal del Sol, Spain