President Rodrigo Duterte Paranoid About US Backed Coup D’Etat Says Cabinet Secretary Leoncio


Amid the growing dissatisfaction of various groups over the policies and pronouncements of President Rodrigo Duterte, Cabinet Secretary Leoncio “Jun” Evasco Jr. said he will not be surprised if these people will stage a coup to unseat the President. Evasco said people whose interests are no longer given attention to would naturally be angry at the President.

“Daghan baya karon ang wala kauyon sa pamaagi ni Duterte. Sila nga ang mga interes karon nga wala na mahatagan maoy nangasuko ni Duterte,” said Evasco while in a visit in Cebu yesterday. (There are so many of them now who don’t agree with Duterte’s ways. These are interest groups who are not getting what they want and are angry with Duterte.)

Among those he cited who might hold a grudge against the president are military generals included in Duterte’s drug matrix, businessmen who will be affected by the government’s drive against contractualization and business owners who have interests in the US.

“Do you think they will be happy? All of these who will be dislocated by Duterte will look for an armed component to throw him out of power one of these days,” he said in a press conference in Cebu City on Saturday. “That’s what you call coup d’etat. But I tell you, if you are thinking and planning to do that, I will tell you (that) you will fail,” he added.

Evasco was in Cebu to attend the province-wide launching of Kilusang Pagbabago, a nationwide initiative in response to President Duterte’s call for participatory governance by consolidating all his forces into an organized mass movement.

At least 8,000 Duterte supporters from Cebu took oath as KP members at the Cebu Coliseum. CEBU Read More>>>>>>