False Peace Pope Francis Invokes Jesus Christ Crucified To Bring About Peace...Let's See If This Works For The Pope.....

The Crucifixion with St Francis 
c. 1285

Only true and lasting Peace comes from Jesus Christ Crucified. One of the fruits of His Crucifixion was to reconcile man with God. Another fruit is the peace made between men - Pilate and Herod an example of this:
And Herod and Pilate were made friends, that same day; for before they were enemies one to another.
You want peace? do not hide the Crucifix.

No Crucifix = no peace.

Here is Pope's attempt to invoke the Passion of Christ to bring about Peace:

Please find below a translation of the Prayer for Peace of His Holiness Pope Francis delivered at the Catholic Chaldean Church of Saint Simon Bar Sabbae

(Tbilisi, 30 September 2016)

Lord Jesus,

we adore your cross

which frees us from sin, the origin of every division and evil;

we proclaim your resurrection,

which ransoms man from the slavery of failure and death;

we await your coming in glory,

which will bring to fulfilment your kingdom of justice, joy and peace.

Lord Jesus,

by your glorious passion,

conquer the hardness of our hearts, imprisoned by hatred and selfishness;

by the power of your resurrection,

save the victims of injustice and maltreatment from their suffering;

by the fidelity of your coming,

confound the culture of death and make the triumph of life shine forth.

Lord Jesus,

unite to your cross the sufferings of the many innocent victims:

the children, the elderly, and the persecuted Christians;

envelop in paschal light those who are deeply wounded:

abused persons, deprived of freedom and dignity;

let those who live in uncertainty experience the enduring constancy of your kingdom: the exiles, refugees, and those who have lost the joy of living.

Lord Jesus,

cast forth the shadow of your cross over peoples at war;

may they learn the way of reconciliation, dialogue and forgiveness;

let the peoples so wearied by bombing experience the joy of your resurrection:

raise up Iraq and Syria from devastation;

reunite your dispersed children under your gentle kingship:

sustain Christians in the Diaspora and grant them the unity of faith and love.

O Virgin Mary, Queen of peace,

you who stood at the foot of the cross,

obtain from your Son pardon for our sins;

you who never doubted the victory of his resurrection,

sustain our faith and our hope;

you who are enthroned as Queen in glory,

teach us the royal road of service and the glory of love.


(from Vatican Radio)


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