Another Catholic Lay Mob (Voice of the Family) Formed To Make Pope Francis Withdraw Amoris Laetitia! LOL!


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Here is another attempt by the laity to change things in the Church. The laity has no legitimate authority to force the pope's hand. Remember when the laity could look to the Roman Emperor? Yea...those days are gone! Welcome to the world of Democracy! How do you like it! They have no head. So they have no voice and therefore nothing will change!

Go ahead and form another committee:

Voice of the Family calls on Pope Francis to withdraw Amoris Laetitia  
ROME, May 9, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- Over 100 pro-life and pro-family leaders from all over the world leapt to their feet in applause at a meeting in Rome on Saturday after hearing a call for Pope Francis to withdraw his controversial exhortation Amoris Laetitia. John Smeaton, co-founder of Voice of the Family and the CEO of the UK Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, issued the request to the Pope in his keynote address at the annual Rome Life Forum.  Read More>>>>
and see what happens...

Will Pope Francis be forced out of Office by the Laity?