Pope Francis Is The Most Heterodox Pope Of At Least The Last 900 Years, If Not Ever!

This from a Texas Layman:

Is Francis Catholic?

.....The evidence is overwhelming, He is the most heterodox pope of at least the last 900 years, if not ever. One can argue the degree to which this new apostolic exhortation constitutes formal teaching of error, but the direction of this pontificate is clear: the longer it goes on, the bolder Francis becomes in the errors he proclaims and the degree of formality with which they are proclaimed. I don’t propose any course of action aside from prayer (as there have already been scores of interventions with Francis imploring him to stop, from elements in the Church of far higher authority than lowly lay people), but I tremble for the future.

.....I think all we can do at this point is to try limit the damage this man is doing as much as possible and beg God to have mercy on His Church. I really have strived to ignore Francis as much as possible these past several weeks and I can say the break was really pleasant. But unfortunately, I don’t think we can just bury our heads in the sand and ignore this disaster forever.


  1. Where did he come up with this figure of 900 years? What did a pope do 900 years ago that is comparable to Bergoglio??!


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