How Easy It Is For Pope Francis To Impose Muslim Sharia Law On Roman Citizens & Make Them Convert To Islam! 90% Of Italian Kids Would Convert To Islam If Faced With ISIS

For three years now this blog has warned that Pope Francis will one day help to impose sharia law on Roman citizens, now it looks like a real possibility:
Faced With ISIS, These Italian Students Would Convert to Islam
ROME: 90% would not hesitate to convert to Islam to save their own lives, if the Islamic State should conquer the country. This “shock result” (Il Giornale) was produced by a test of 13-year-olds in an Italian middle school. Only 2 of 25 students disagreed. Both of them are from devout Catholic families.
What Italian city or what school is neither here nor there. The subject of Islam and violence is being discussed everywhere. The phenomenon affects all of Europe. The Catholic internet daily Il Sussidiario reported on the third level of a random Italian middle school. All of the 25 students are 13-years-old. They too were talking about Islam. They wanted information from their teacher about the Islamic State. Who is that? What is its program? How does it operate?
“What Would You Do If the Islamic State Came to Your House?”
The teacher gave them information. And also reported that many fighters for the Islamic State came from Europe. Young Muslims of the second and third generation. Well-integrated, from well-to-do families, and many of them have even begun or completed university studies. One of the best-known executioners for the Islamic State was previously a well-known DJ. The teacher described for them how the Islamic State is destroying all Christian symbols and threatening to kill anyone who is not ready to convert to Islam. And she did not withhold the fact that many Christians were killed or enslaved because of their religion.
At the end, she asked them a question: “What would you do if the Islamic State came to your house?”
According to Il Giornale, “The answer was almost unanimous and shocking”. 23 of them declared without hesitation that they would convert to Islam. The two hold-outs were from practicing Catholic families.

Now the prophecy of Ockham on a Pope Converting to Islam and raising an Army of Muslims to conquer Rome:
Master: Let us assume that someone accuses another before the pope of being a heretic because the accused supposedly holds and asserts that the Christian faith is false, that the law of the Muslims should be embraced, and that Christ was a prophet both false and discredited. After the accusation and the ensuing judicial process, the pope renders a definitive judgement to the effect that the person accused is not a heretic because all of the aforementioned theses stated and asserted by him are true.

Student: Although this is a case that never happened and perhaps never will, I find it difficult to assert that it smacks of impossibility. For it seems that one cannot clearly demonstrate either by Holy Writ or by the doctrine of the church that no future pope will be the Antichrist. It is indeed probable that many Christians through their ancestors who were converted to the faith have long established roots to the tribe of Dan, from which some believe that the Antichrist will be born [For a discussion of this tradition see David Burr, Olivi's Peaceable Kingdom, Philadelphia 1993, p. 150]. And even in our time it is quite possible for someone from that tribe to accept the Christian faith, to have a son born to him, that son being subsequently elected pope, and afterwards clearly showing himself to be the Antichrist. And thus it cannot be known whether some Christian and future pope, with roots in the tribe of Dan, will be the Antichrist. It is, however, established that the Antichrist will unambiguously teach that the law of the Christians is false and that Christ was a false prophet. And the described case does not appear impossible because it is not known that no future pope will submit to the sect of the Muslims. For it may come to pass that even a pope who was at first catholic would begin to consider that the sect of the Muslims was better than the law of the Christians. This pope could initially develop such a strong secret friendship with the Muslims, that having summoned their military might to his side he would dare to openly assert that the Christian law was false and unjust, and force Christians to accept the law of the Muslims. Since it is indeed an established fact that many Christians (including clerks and religious) have been converted to the sect of the Muslims, it does not seem implausible that even a pope might arrive at such a huge insanity. For since a pope is not confirmed in faith (just as no others are), the same point must be contended in his case as is in that of others as to the possibility of being converted to the Muslims. Having therefore presented the suggested exemplary case, proceed to argue in favour of the aforementioned assertion. William Of Ockham
Pope Francis is flooding Europe with Muslims - Where are all these Muslims going to stay? In all the closed churches and convents - Pope Francis has a use for all the closed churches - to house Muslims.

Our Lady warned the world that one day Italy would shake off the yoke of the Lord of Lords and blood will flow on all sides - churches would be closed and priests hunted down:
“Italy will be punished for her ambition in wanting to shake off the yoke of the Lord of Lords. And so she will be left to fight a war; blood will flow on all sides. Churches will be locked up or desecrated. Priests and religious orders will be hunted down, and made to die a cruel death. Several will abandon the faith, and a great number of priests and members of religious orders will break away from the true religion; among these people there will even be bishops. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) 
This day is now.

Pope Francis will do his best to make sure all the Muslims are housed in closed churches etc.

The Muslims know this is the intent of Pope Francis and that is why Muslims are headed to Italy. Expect more Muslims to arrive on the shores of Italy in the coming weeks and months. Pope Francis invited them!

Pay Attention!

Demon Pazuzu 
“In the year 1864, Lucifer together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell; they will put an end to faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God. They will blind them in such a way, that, unless they are blessed with a special grace, these people will take on the spirit of these angels of hell; several religious institutions will lose all faith and will lose many souls.Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)  
Several will abandon the faith, and a great number of priests and members of religious orders will break away from the true religion; among these people there will even be bishops. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) 
"Francis / Bishop of Rome."
Francis The Destroyer
For In Those Days Jesus Christ Will Send Them Not A True Pastor, But A Destroyer ~ St. Francis