And I Thought That There Would Be Cardinals Against Cardinals........Dave Domet On Amoris Laetitia: Who Will Denounce It? What Prelate Will Have The Courage To Call Out The Pope?

I Got Better Things To Do Than To Read AL....


First we were assured last year during the Synod that the messages of Our Lady of Akita should be taken very seriously, because there will be Cardinal pitted against Cardinal, and somehow there was a Schism coming because some Cardinals would fight against the Pope and his synod.

Well that did not happen.

Now AL is out and the same question remains:
Who will denounce Amoris Laetitia as heretical? Who will call out Jorge Bergoglio for his crime. Will history now call this the Bergoglian Heresy?
So, a couple of things:

The message of Akita is from hell.

Traditionalists are misled.


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