POPE FRANCIS DOOM WATCH: Pope Francis Desires To Be Buried Next To John XXIII? Which Means Only One Thing! That Pope Francis Will Most Likely Die In A Plane Crash Over The Sea & His Body Never To Be Found!

Two sources claim that Pope Francis desires to be buried next to the Pope of the Council - John XIII
  • Father Federico Lombardi SJ
  • Cardinal Angelo Comastri
Are these reports true? 

If so, then that means that Pope Francis himself knows, that his time is very limited - limited to lets say to a time period of:
Which would be sometime in September 2016. Maybe on 19 September?

And since this Pope wishes to be buried in the ground, it is a real possibility that this Pope will not get his wish, and instead will be buried at sea, along with the plane wreckage, and the flight crew, and all the media lap dogs that flew on the plane. 

Now it's possible that the end of this pope may be on firm ground, but with only a few remains of the pontiff to be found, not enough remains for relics or enough remains to be buried.

Either way, this Pope will probably end in a dramatic fashion.

Here are the scheduled trips of Pope Francis for 2016 - in all of these trips, the Pope's plane has to fly over a large body of water:

Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan (June 2016)

Sweden (31 October 2016)

Malta (2016)

Pakistan (2016)

Another possibility is the trip to Poland. This trip should be over land, but then again, it may be diverted over the Baltic Sea?

I could be wrong about this of course. But just throwing it out there, as a heads up, or heads down between your legs and brace yourself kinda of event.

Pope Paul VI was the first Pope in history to fly and violate the 29,050ft boundary established by the Blessed Trinity, maybe Pope Francis will be the first Pontiff to be punished by the Blessed Trinity for violating the said boundary, established by the Blessed Trinity....

We all like a show, and Pope Francis does too!