LIVE STREAMING NASA DOOM! Will Pope Francis Hear The Last Confession Of Astronaut Scott Kelly From Space As Kelly Burns Up In The Atmosphere? Will It Be A Valid Confession?

Roman Catholic in space away from the Sacraments for almost a whole year!

What are the dangers of willfully avoiding the Sacraments?

Well there's possible death and of course lost of salvation.

Scott Kelly ignored the precepts of the Church and has put his soul in danger.

Maybe Kelly got scared and decided to come home early? He was suppose to land on Easter Sunday, but the landing has been moved up to 2 March.

Now, granted one is suppose to receive communion once a year on Easter and confession once a year. But one is also suppose to keep the Sabbath day holy by attending Mass every Sunday, which Kelly has not done.

Is Kelly in a state of mortal sin? Who knows? But chances are he is. And if something were to happen up there and Kelly burns up in the upper Atmosphere then most likely Kelly will loose his soul.

Now how does Kelly protect himself from the possible dangers of loosing his soul?

Well, he can make a general confession. But there's a problem - there is no priest to hear his confession up there in space.

Maybe Pope Francis can come to the rescue and hear Kelly's confession while the Pope is in Rome and Kelly is in Space.

Here is the revised schedule the "return"

Tuesday, March 1
21:15 (UTC) Farewell and hatch closure coverage; hatch closure scheduled at 21:40 (UTC).

Wednesday, March 2
00:45 (UTC) Undocking coverage; undocking scheduled at 01:05 (UTC).
03:15 (UTC) Deorbit burn and landing coverage; deorbit burn scheduled at 03:34 (UTC), with landing at 04:27 (UTC).
06:30 (UTC) Video file of hatch closure, undocking and landing activities.

Live Streaming Event: