You Done FUCKED UP NOW! Pope Francis Claims St. John The Baptist Doubted Whether Christ Was The True Messiah!

Now, should I use the F word when blogging about Pope Francis? Sure, why not. But should I use the F word in the same sentences as Christ & St. John the Baptists or other saints? Probably not. I'll quit when the earth opens up and the fires of hell swallows Pope Francis body and soul.
Here is the  Pope Francis took his congregation beyond the text of the Gospel, inviting them to enter into John’s cell, to look into the soul of the voice crying out in the desert, of the one who baptized the crowds in the name of Him who was to come, the one who was now weighed down not only by the iron chains that bound him in his prison, but by the shackles of some doubt, despite everything: 
“But he also suffered in prison – let us say the word – the interior torture of doubt: ‘But maybe I made a mistake? This Messiah is not how I imagined the Messiah would be.’ And he invited his disciples to ask Jesus: ‘But tell us, tell us the truth: are you He who is to come?’ because that doubt made him suffer. ‘Was I mistaken in proclaiming someone who isn’t [who I thought]?’ The suffering, the interior solitude of this man. ‘I, on the other hand, must diminish, but diminish thus: in soul, in body, in everything…”Pope Francis: God triumphs through humility VA News Read More>>>>>
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