Something Sinister Is Afoot! Pope Francis Admits That As A Boy Hating & Mocking The Latin Mass! So Why Is Pope Francis Bringing The SSPX Into The Fold With No Questions Asked? Unless The Pope Has Nefarious PlansTo Destroy The SSPX?

“Dear Pope Francis,
Were you ever near the pries as the altar boy?
Greetings from Alessio (Italy, age 9)” 
“Dear Alessio, yes, I was an altar boy. And you? What part among the altar boys do you have? It’s easier to do now, you know: You might know that, when I was a kid, Mass was celebrated different than today. Back then, the priest faced the altar, which was next to the wall, and not the people. Then the book with which he said the Mass, the missal, was placed on the right side of the altar. But before reading of the Gospel it always had to be moved to the left side. That was my job: to carry it from right to left. It was exhausting! The book was heavy! I picked it up with all my energy but I wasn’t so strong; I picked it up once and fell down, so the priest had to help me. Some job I did! The Mass wasn’t in Italian then. The priest spoke but I didn’t understand anything. and neither did my friends. So for fun we’d do imitations of the priest, messing up the words a bit to make up weird sayings in Spanish. We had fun, and we really enjoyed serving Mass."
Pope Francis admits hating the Latin Mass as an Altar boy. His hatred for the Latin Mass continunes to this day. It is a demonic hatred.

So why is Pope Francis willing to bring the SSPX back into the fold with no questions asked?

When the SSPX is brought back into the Church (It never really left) by Francis either this year (2016) or the next, one has to wonder why a Pope who has a deep hatred for the Latin Mass willing to allow the SSPX free reign in the Church?

What is going on?

Unless of course the Pope has sinister plans for the SSPX. 

And I believe that this is the case.