Pope Francis Long Silence Before Virgin Of Gaudalupe Asking For Peace: FOUR DAYS LATER 28 Dead In Ankara, Turkey Terrorist Attack!

Because they have deceived my people, saying: Peace, and there is no peace: and the people built up a wall, and they daubed it with dirt without straw. Ez 13
Caroline Pigozzi, Paris Match (France): Good evening, Holy Father. Two things, I wanted to know what did you ask Guadalupe? Because you were there a long time in the chapel praying to Guadalupe....

Pope Francis I asked for the world, for peace, so many things. The poor thing ended up with her head like this (raises arms around head). I asked forgiveness, I asked that the Church grows healthy, I asked for the Mexican people. And another thing I asked a lot for: that priests be true priests, and sisters true sisters, and bishops true bishops. As the Lord wants. This I asked a lot for, but then, the things a child tells his mother are a bit of a secret. Thanks, Carolina.

17 FEBURARY 2016

A large explosion in the Turkish capital, Ankara, has left at least 28 people dead and 61 injured, Turkish officials have said. A vehicle full of explosives was detonated as military buses were passing by, according to the Ankara governor's office. The blast happened in an area close to parliament and Turkey's military headquarters. Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag called it an "act of terrorism". Large plumes of smoke were seen rising from the area and witnesses said the blast was heard all over the city. Some of the victims were civilians. BBC Read More>>>>>>>