KNIVES ARE OUT! Pope Francis Dreams Of Becoming A Bloody Butcher Again! Is This A Veiled Threat Against Those Traditionalists Who Francis The Butcher Will One Day Murder?

He told another child that when he was young, he wanted to be a butcher, because when he went to the market with his mother, he thought the butcher’s work was fascinating. “The way he cut the meat, that was art,” he said. Read More>>>>>

How the Modernists Triumph over the Traditionalists?

Give the SSPX every thing it wants. Pope Francis to bring the SSPX back into the fold with no strings attached....then allow the SSPX to consecrate more Bishops.....allow the event to take place in Rome.....expect most if not all of the 700 SSPX priests to attend.....and let the Muslims target the site where the SSPX are gathered and that's that....end of the work of Archbishop  Marcel Lefebvre.....a few SSPX priests may survive...but not enough to make a come back.

If the scenario pans out.....and a new Bishop is must be cautious and restrict the number of SSPX priest to attend the event. Just a heads up.