Mystery Solved! Reason For Pope Francis' Hidden Pectoral Cross......This Little Black Boy Stole It!

Why?  Why hide the Pectoral Cross?

Many want to know the reason for Pope to hide his Pectoral Cross during meetings with Jews and Heretics and in his appearance in videos promoting  the New Laudato Si Church built to serve Evil Spirits who have great power over Nature:

“Evil books will be abundant on earth and the sprits of darkness will spread everywhere a universal slackening of all that concerns the service of God. They will have great power over Nature: there will be churches built to serve these spirits. People will be transported from one place to another by these evil spirits, even priests, for they will not have been guided by the good spirit of the Gospel which is a spirit of humility, charity and zeal for the glory of God. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)
In his videos Pope Francis is promoting the creation of a new Church - a new church to serve evil spirits. This is the same church that Our Lady foretold of in her Message at La Salette. These evil spirits no doubt are the same spirits that hiss in the pope's ears on his in flight interviews. These evil spirits reside in the darksome atmosphere - as has been pointed out here on this blog and other related blogs time and again.

But back again to the real reason behind the hidden Pectoral Cross - here are many who are asking why?

Well the rumors can finally be put to rest after review the above little black boy hugging Pope Francis - many at the time wondered why the Pope would allow such a display- well apparently the little black boy was up to no good and distracted the pontiff with his moves and stole the pope's cross.

Now the Pope later found out that his cross was missing and was deeply embarrssed to let others know about the theft. But Pope Francis was reminded that he himself stole a crucifix once too! But that was from a dead man's hands - the pope keeps that crufixi in his pocket to this day!

So the Pope decided to let matters be.

So from now one you will not see the Pectoral Cross... because the pope's Pectoral in some little black boy's pocket..

Don't believe me......