Michael Matt Of Remnant Claims He Was Right Along About Pope Francis! First One On The Blog!

Remnant Newspaper Mod Guest • a day ago I'm just not that interested in showing everyone how right we've been all along. My job is to gradually wake the sleeping masses in the here and now and to whatever extent I'm able. They are all diabolically disoriented, brainwashed and conditioned to think a certain way. They need to be lovingly led and encouraged. A rhetorical question such as this is thus very important, because it helps people come to the right conclusions without making them feel stupid or like they're being manipulated. If this approach gives the converted choir conniptions, well, whatever. I'm not in this to preach to them. MJM  Catholic World Report Nails It: What is Pope Francis Doing? Read More>>>>>
The above is my pissed off meter the day after Pope Francis was made manifested to the world as the 266th Pope. Not a pissed off meter that a heretic was made pope - no, the pissed off meter is my reaction to Michael Matt & Christopher Ferrara who were gushing over Pope Francis on Remnant TV and for Fr Gruner who was wondering if Pope Francis is the bishop in white spoken of by Our Lady Of Fatima.

I was more pissed at Matt-Ferrara-Gruner axis for their continual Pollyannaish apologies  for the wicked men in the Vatican. I was not the only one who noticed the silliness of these three over the election of Pope Francis - the Sedevacantist over at the Novus Ordo Watch also notice the foolish of Matt-Ferrara-Gruner.

But now of course Matt is rewriting history making himself to be the vanguard of Pope Francis outers..when in fact it took Matt about six months to a year to actually call Pope Francis out.

Matt, like most business men can not offend his client base  - less he lose money so Matt waited it out before calling Pope Francis out. Matt had to see which way the wind blows.

Now that in itself is not the problem.

The problem is yet to come and it will cost lives.

You see Matt is a demented lover of modern democracy and pays lip service to any Catholic form of Government - sure Matt will make mention on monarchy here and there and of course Matt will complain about the democratically elected politicians. But Matt will still cast a ballot in the next presidential election and will bring out the famed Christopher Ferrara doctrine on voting - a doctrine that states you must vote for the Republican Candidate in order to remain in a state of Grace!!!

Matt still has yet to retract this idiotic doctrine.

Another foolish obsession of Matt's is his love for Nationalism - such a love that made Matt & crew form a wicked and foolish alliance with Italian Nationalists. SUCH NONSENSE!

Here's the thing that will really piss me off because I know its in the cards - Matt refuses to use his talents to help restore the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Matt will not do such a thing because Matt is so weak willed that this fool is concerned that he will be laughed at! and may lose some money!

You're a jerk Matt just for this reason - and here's the rub - when enough interest is generated in calling for an imperial election to elect the next Holy Roman Emperor - Matt will take credit for the movement & will declare himself on the vanguard of calling for the restoration of the  Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor!

But the nonsense doesn't stop - No! get this Matt and Ferrara will demand that their names be put in short list of electable Candidate for Holy Roman Emperor!!

So that's my complaint.

Congrats Mr. Matt your the first one on the blog!!