MEDIA BLACKOUT! MERKEL'S MUSLIM REFUGEES SABOTAGED Bavaria Train Signals Near Border With Austria: Police Refuse To Give Reason For Bavaria Train Crash!

Police are now refusing to give a reason for the head on train collision killing 10 and injuring 81.

Merkel expresses shock - just like she did when Cologne women were raped by Muslim refugees on New Years Eve.

Now there is a Media cover up or black out on the reason for the head on collision between two trains. Just like the Media and Police cover up of the Muslim refugee raping of Cologne women on New Year's Eve:
'Cover-up' over Cologne sex assaults blamed on migration sensitivities Police and media have been accused of silence on wave of New Year's Eve assaults by men 'of north African or Arab appearance' because of fears of stirring social tensions Telegraph Read More>>>>>
It wasn't until a week later before the truth of the Cologne attack came out.

The Police and Media are playing the same game here with the train.

The signal box was checked two weeks ago. Meaning that it was in working order, until Muslim refugees sabotaged the box. 

Some media sources are blaming human error. 

Cover up continues.

Muslims have a history of attacking Trains:

'Refugees' pelting a Hungarian train with stones.