I Have To Drive One Hour To Latin Mass & Catholic Apologist Michael Voris Refuses To Drive 8 Miles To Convert Muslims In Hamtramck MI

I dive one hour to get to Latin Mass because of Pope Francis & the New Evangelization. On the other hand the man who benefits from from the New Evangelization and who calls himself a Catholic Apologist and who wants to restore the Church to its former glory etc...refuses to use his God given talents to spread the message of God to the unfortunate Muslims living only eight miles away in Hamtramck MI.

Eight miles. Only Eight miles. The greatest Catholic Apologists in America has to travel only eight miles to convert Muslims living in Muslimville USA. 

I am not a premium subscriber to Church Militant.com but I just might pay to see Gary enter a Mosque during Friday prayers and convert the Muslims!

Wouldn't you love to see Gary and his hair make an appearance inside a Mosque? WOW!

Maybe Gary and crew don't know where  Hamtramck MI is?.......its south, about 8 miles from Gary's studio:

17 min (8.1 mi) via I-75 S