"Trapped In A State Of Imaginary Grace" Pope Francis Quotes Modern English Song + "I'll Stop The World And Melt With You"...What?

"The Lord is 'merciful': this word evokes an attitude of tenderness like that of a mother towards her child. In fact, the Hebrew word used in the Bible suggests the bowels or even the womb. Therefore, the image suggests that of a God who is moved and melts for us as a mother when she gathers up her baby, wanting only to love, protect, help, ready to give everything, even all of herself. A love, therefore, which could be defined in a good way as 'visceral' ' Pope Francis Read More>>>>>


  1. "Trapped in a state of imaginary grace"? What a chillingly accurate description of the people in the false modern church.

  2. ha! didn't catch that one Thanks & God Bless

  3. Really excellent compilation about Pope Francis quotes. Thanks for sharing!!


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