Murder Intrigue At Casa Santa Marta? Casa Santa Marta Worker Elvira Found DEAD! SOME YEAR OF MERCY?

Who did it?

Elvira found dead! 


Pope says long term illness? 

Where was the body found? 

At Casa Santa Marta?

If long term illness shouldn't Elvira  be in the care of doctors at a Hospital?

Hey this is Pope Francis - so any thing goes - I say the woman (if indeed Elvira is a woman!) was murdered for what ever reason. Or the woman died in unusual circumstances that are embarrassing for the Mercy Pope.

Here'e the first news report:
Pope mourns Casa Santa Marta worker 
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Saturday spoke of his sadness at the death of one of the workers at his residence at the Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican. The Holy Father said the woman, whom he called Elvira, had been sick for some time. He was speaking at the conclusion of his first Jubilee audience during this Year of Mercy in St Peter’s Square and he asked the pilgrims present to pray a Hail Mary for the woman and her family. The Pope described the Casa Santa Marta as big house, where he said about forty priests, and some bishops who are working in the Curia live. There are also, he added, guests who stay, such as cardinals, bishops and lay people who come to Rome for meetings. Elvira was just one of a group of men and women, who work at the residence cleaning and working in the kitchen and dining room. Pope Francis said these people were not just employees, they formed part of a family in the house.
Hey if the worker died when Pope Benedict was still the Pope I wouldn't even mention the possibility of murder - but since we have a deranged heretic in the chair ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!