Pope Francis Prays For Burundi + Pope Opens The Door Of Mercy & 100 Burundians Die

St. Peter's Basilica
I wish to invite all you to pray for the beloved people of Burundi which is living through a delicate moment: May the Lord help all people to flee the violence and to act responsibly for the good of the nation. Pope Francis 17 May 2015 
I pray especially for the beloved people of Burundi, that the Lord may awaken in their leaders and in society as a whole a commitment to dialogue and cooperation, reconciliation and peace. If we are to accompany those who suffer, then like the light passing through the stained glass windows of this Cathedral, we must let God’s power and healing pass through us. We must first let the waves of his mercy flow over us, purify us, and refresh us, so that we can bring that mercy to others, especially those on the peripheries. Pope Francis 29 November 2015
About 87 people have been killed in Burundi in the worst outbreak of political violence since an attempted coup in April, with residents describing victims shot execution-style, some with hands bound behind their backs. The Burundi army said that the death toll included eight members of the security forces. Gunfire could be heard across the capital, Bujumbura, throughout Friday, with eyewitnesses describing few residents venturing out until later on Saturday as security forces patrolled the streets. The Guardian Read More>>>>