Pope Francis Is Right! Perfidious Jews Do Not Need To Convert To The Catholic Faith!! Perverse Jew Ziony Zevit Claims Eve Was Created From Adam's Boner!

 Vatican issues new document on Christian-Jewish dialogue
Here we confront the mystery of God’s work, which is not a matter of missionary efforts to convert Jews, but rather the expectation that the Lord will bring about the hour when we will all be united, “when all peoples will call on God with one voice and ‘serve him shoulder to shoulder’ ” (“Nostra aetate”, No.4). The Declaration of the Second Vatican Council on Judaism, that is the fourth article of “Nostra aetate”, is located within a decidedly theological framework regarding the universality of salvation in Jesus Christ and God’s unrevoked covenant with Israel. That does not mean that all theological questions which arise in the relationship of Christianity and Judaism were resolved in the text. These questions were introduced in the Declaration, but require further theological reflection. Of course, there had been earlier magisterial texts which focussed on Judaism, but “Nostra aetate” (No.4) provides the first theological overview of the relationship of the Catholic Church to the Jews. Source

It's bad enough in the Church with converts from Protestant Evangelicalism stinkin' up the place - everywhere you turn its a damn evangelical convert acting like he or she is the greatest Catholic alive and must tell the world about the stripped and barren new Mass & the spirit of Vatican II. These fools convert and get Baptized on Easter Vigil and the next day they have a blog up and running with post upon post on how wonderful the stripped and barren new Mass is etc.....its sickening.

Now can you image if the Perfidious Jews convert en-mass to the stripped and barren new mass & spirit of Vatican II!! What nonsense would they come up with?

Prots and Jews clamoring for attention in the blogosphere!

I say no - keep the Perfidious Jews  away. Pope Francis is right PLEASE STAY AWAY YOU PERFIDIOUS JEWS - we don't need you stinking up the place too.

Here is an example of the nonsense of what Catholics would have to deal with if Jews convert en-mass here is a bizarre opinion of a Perfidious Jew:

God made Eve from Adam's penis and NOT his rib, claims religious academic
Christians have reacted with fury after a religious academic suggested Eve was not made from Adam's rib, but was instead formed using his penis. The theory, put forward by revered biblical professor Ziony Zevit, suggests God made Eve from Adam's baculum, or penis bone. Professor Zevit said this explains why man has no baculum, unlike most mammals, and why men don't have an uneven number of ribs compared to women. Source

Hey question should this piece of shit Jew be allowed to convert to the One True Faith and save his soul? NO! May this Perfidious Jew keep his blasphemous views on Adam and Eve in the camp of the perfidious Jews.

Pope Francis is right! Keep the Jews out till the mess in the house is cleaned up!!


  1. Jews seem incapable of getting through two sentences without saying something filthy and obscene. What a disgusting people.

  2. that's why they're comedians & porn stars...


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