Is Pope Francis In Fear Of Them Butch Filipino Lady....Stabbers! Queens Of The Hotel Hit?

Mr. Grocer: Look, I don't want to play against you! This thing is real.
Martin Q. Blank: How real?
Mr. Grocer: Maranga Brothers, them, uh, East German ex-Stasi guys...
Martin Q. Blank: Oh, I don't like those guys.
Mr. Grocer: Them butch Filipino ladies...
Martin Q. Blank: What, the dwarf, maid...
[makes stabbing motion]
Mr. Grocer: Stabbers! Queens of the hotel hit, you know.
Martin Q. Blank: You got a great crew.
Mr. Grocer: Everybody's in!
Martin Q. Blank: Yeah well, not me, so don't paw at me with your dirty little guild, okay? indb


  1. Those security guards protecting the antipope have pistol holsters on their belts. I wonder how their boss managed to find an arms maker that can call itself "Christian". I thought he said arms makers aren't Christian.

    Naaaah, there's probably nothing in those holsters except cans of silly string ...


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