Video: Pope Francis "The Good Theologians, Like The Good Shepherds, Smell Of The SHEEP And Of The ROAD And, With Their Reflection, Pour Oil And Wine On The Wounds Of Humankind."

"And do not fall into the temptation to paint over them, to perfume them, to adjust them a bit and tame them," Francis writes. "The good theologians, like the good shepherds, smell of the people and of the road and, with their reflection, pour oil and wine on the wounds of humankind." Pope Francis NCR Read More>>>>>>>


  1. By far the most urgent wounds of mankind are the spiritual ones, not the ones of this world. What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?

    I would like to ask Bergoglio that.

  2. Why would you pour oil and wine on a wound?

    Kim, R.N.

  3. That's what Our Lord said in the parable. They did that in those days. I think the alcohol in the wine acted as a primitive antiseptic.

  4. I think Francis is on the way to be deposed.


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