Pray For Me, That I May Not Flee For Fear Of The Wolves........

The beast of Gongga mountain! Eerie pictures snapped by a hiker depict shadow of a 'giant wolf' on the side of Chinese glaciers 

In the early hours of Sunday morning a group of climbers were shocked to discover what looked like the shadow of a huge wolf spread high across Mount Gongga, the highest mountain in south-west China's Sichuan province. The towering figure appeared from the mist on the majestic mountain which measures 7,556 metres high (24,790 feet), reported the People's Daily Online. The illusion was formed by the warm golden sun shining on the low glaciers located in Hailuogou, casting a shadow that looks similar to a side profile of a howling wolf, said the management office of the tourist spot. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>