Pope Francis Says Eucharist Is Not Only For Catholics In India But Also For All CALL CENTER WORKERS IN INDIA!!

Pope: The Eucharist is not a reward for good, rather strength for the weak, for sinners

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "We learn that the Eucharist is not only a reward for the good but also the strength for the weak and for sinners. It is forgiveness and sustenance which helps us on our journey ": This is Pope Francis’ message relayed through video to participants at the opening session of the Indian National Eucharistic Congress, today in Mumbai. The Eucharistic Congress, says the Pope, is "God's gift not only to the Christians of India but to the entire population of a country so culturally diverse and yet so spiritually rich." Francis then recalled what Paul VI spoke of during his trip to India in 1964, in his address to the faithful of non-Christian religions. He remarked: "Christ is dear also to this country, not only to those who are Christians – they are a minority – but to the millions of people who have come to know and love him as an inspiration of love and self-sacrifice." Read More>>>>>