Oh My!! Pope Francis' Very Own Black Shoes Spotted At Place de la Republique In Paris At The Climate Peace March Shoe Protest

A pair of shoes belonging to the Pope was among thousands left in a Paris square today in a mass protest against the banning of a climate change march. The terrorist attacks that left 130 dead two weeks ago meant police cancelled the demonstration on the eve of the United Nations climate summit. Instead the shoes, including those belonging to Pope Francis, were laid out on Place de la Republique, close to where 90 of the victims of the atrocities died in the Bataclan Theatre. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>


  1. The jackasses in these pictures are the same ones who want Europe flooded with Muslims. Look at the pictures — every single "activist" in there is white, and probably the vast majority of them are French. This is why the elected politicians are in favor of having Europe invaded by barbarians, because this is the electorate.


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