Mark Shea Says Pope Francis Isn't A Heretic You Just Wish He Was!!!!

One of Mark Shea's followers:
I no longer believe that since Francis has become the Pontiff. It was evident to me when JPII and Benedict were made popes but something went horribly wrong with the election of Francis. A Reader
Mark Shea Responds:
Nothing has gone horribly wrong. What has happened is that false expectations you placed on God and the Church are dying and you are experiencing the pain of that loss. But Francis has not, in fact, said or done anything heterodox with respect to the Faith, merely with respect to your human expectations about things neither Jesus nor the faith ever promised in the first place. You are losing faith in false human traditions you projected on to the Faith, not in any promise Jesus or the Church ever actually made. Read More>>>>>
LOL!!! nothing horribly has gone wrong.......


  1. This guy said Francis hasn't said or done anything heretical? Truly astounding.


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