Reker, Merkel, Flood Of Refugees: Open Borders German Politician Running For Mayor Of Cologne Henriette Reker GETS STAB IN THE GUT BY A MUSLIM!!!!

Cologne Cathedral 
Holy Relics Of The Three Kings
Cosmopolitan, vivid, creative: Cologne is a city with a great quality of life – a thriving metropolis in the heart of Europe. A city we can be proud of. 
Yet we are facing major challenges. We need more affordable housing, eco-mobility, public spaces for culture and the arts. We need more livable and lovable neighbourhoods! 
I want to achieve fundamental changes in how politics and administration run the city. I will implement a new, more transparent governing style. 
I am counting on your support: With your votes and your commitment on October 18th, 2015! Thank you! 
Henriette Reker
Open borders politician was stabbed in the gut and neck today over her policy of flooding Germany with Muslims. She or Merkel have not asked the German people if the German people agree to take in the refugees, these two politicians just did it.

One German is pissed off enough about the Muslim invasion, stabbed the politician in the neck and gut. The attacker had a 20cm long military knife & knife with a shorter blade. He also stabbed others.

The Police released the first name of the attacker - "Frank"

Frank yelled as he was arrested by Police:
'Merkel, Reker, Flüchtlingsschwemme' - 'Merkel, Reker, Immigration Flood'
Cologne mayoral candidate Henriette Reker seriously hurt in knife attack
An independent candidate to be mayor of Cologne has been severely injured in a knife attack. Police said four other people were hurt at the scene, and a suspect was taken into custody.Police on Saturday morning said mayoral candidate Henriette Reker had been attacked at a political information stand in the city.According to a spokesman, Reker was set upon by an individual wielding a knife who also attacked four other people at the scene, including a man - beleived to have been a part of Reker's campaign team - who was also seriously hurt. The other three people were also said to have required medical treatment, but their injuries were not described as serious. Police said a 44-year-old man had been arrested at the time of the incident, which took place at a political information stand for the Christian Democrats (CDU) in the Braunsfeld district of the city. DW Read More>>>>>>

As mayor the woman wants to flood Cologne with Muslims:
As Mayor I will:  
Secure humane accommodation and support for refugees
German mayoral candidate Henriette Reker stabbed in neck by man 'shouting about refugees' in Cologne. 
The 58-year-old was attacked as she campaigned at a market in Cologne ahead of Sunday's planned elections A leading mayoral candidate in Germany has been stabbed in the attack by a man allegedly motivated by his hatred of refugees. Henriette Reker, Cologne’s head of social affairs, integration and environment, was campaigning in a market when her attacker approached on Saturday morning. As her supporters handed out flowers to potential voters, the man asked for a rose before stabbing her with two knives in the neck and stomach, witnesses told the Kölnische Rundschau newspaper. Independent Read More>>>>>>

For many that do not know:

Cologne is the home to one of the Imperial Electors who will one day elect the Holy Roman Emperor

The current Archbishop of Cologne is Cardinal Woelki......

Cardinal Woelki

Considering the current mess in the Church created by men like Woelki - I doubt very much that this man will even for a moment think upon his office as one of the Imperial Electors..

So no Imperial Election is on the horizon...instead expect more political upheaval to occur in Germany....Maybe the witch Merkel is next...
A spokesman for Ms Merkel said the chancellor "expressed her shock and condemned this act".  
Germany's interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, called the attack "appalling and cowardly". BBC Read More>>>>>

'He shall hunt the beast through every town
till he has sent her back to Hell
whence primal envy set her loose.


  1. Deutschland, Deutschland unter alles! You could probably start a separate blog just for Germany. I wasn't prepared for how androgynous Cardinal Woelki looked... good reporting!

  2. Check your facts. Holy Roman Emperors are crowned at Aachen not the Cologne Dom. The next and last Holy Roman Emperor will be (according to mystics Marie Julie Jahenny and Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich) a Bourbon, he will enter France (where he was exiled in his youth) from the east. He will be crowned in Aachan (Aix la Chap=pelle if you will) where German kings are crowned, he will then go to Reims where French kings are crowned because he is French but also German a descendant of Charlemagne and Louis IX. His name as given by these two mystics (as well as nostradamus, not Church approved I know) is Henri V de la Croix. Henry of the Cross because it will be the triumph of the cross and he will after victory place crosses on every building in many places. Deo Gratias

  3. Actually I correct myself. Holy Roman Emperors can only be crowned by the Pope in Rome. German kings are crown in Aachen Cathedral and French kings in Reims.

  4. Where does it say the guy who stabbed her was Muslim? BBC said he was a German national.

    Oh, and she just won the election:


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