Muslim Invasion Of Europe Far More Devastating Than The Synod! More Souls Destroyed By Muslim Invasion! Synod Will Not Change Anyone!

This Is An Altar Railing
Which Side Do You Belong On?

OK the synod is here and it is already a done deal. The Pope and his homo-heretical henchmen will get what they want. If your life changes because of what comes out of this Synod then you were a weak Catholic to begin with. Those heretics will still be heretics. Those homos will still be homos. Those non-practicing Catholics will still be non-practicing. Those who attend Latin Mass will still attend Latin Mass. Those who attend the new mass will still attend the new mass.

The only scandal that may arise is when the FSSP is forced to change a few things by allowing the divorce and remarried to receive the Blessed Sacrament or force to grant Annulments left and right to prove their obedience to Pope Francis.

The real threat is the Muslim invasion of Europe - started by Pope Francis, Merkel, Obama and other heads of state.

This is the real disaster. Many will lose their life and property at the hands of the invading army of Muslims.

Many will be force to live under Sharia law.

So go ahead and study and write about the Synod all you want - in the end you will change nothing. You laymen focus on the Synod that you have no control over when Europe is being overrun by Muslim vermin.

So a prediction - all those laymen bloggers who are posting about the Synod 24/7 will stop once the Synod is over and wonder why Europe is being overrun by Muslims?

Again laymen focus on temporal things & priests focus on spiritual things. But it seems like every lay blogger is a Theologian.

Yeah thanks for the in depth analysis on the Synod that should have no effect on you to begin with unless your just a play thing for the devil.

I'll just grab me a Steel Reserve 211

Merry Blogging!