Gallows Humor: Angela Merkel To The Gallows! Will Merkel Hang In October?

12 October 2015
The FreshmakerOctober 10, 2015 at 5:46 PM: In the meantime I find gallows humor a decent way of coping and that, my fine five-fifteen friend, is where you come in! 
Hey Freshmaker! did you set up this operation?

After weeks of enthusiasm about the influx of refugees, tensions have rapidly escalated in Germany: Anti-immigration and anti-Islam protesters in the eastern city of Dresden set up symbolic gallows on Monday evening that they said was reserved for Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (whose name the protesters misspelled). Police said they had launched an investigation after photos of the scene caused national outrage on social media sites.

The incident was part of a so-called Pegida protest rally that attracted as many as 9,000 demonstrators and has taken place every Monday for about one year now.

Although it is unclear whether the gallows was set up with the knowledge of Pegida's leadership, speech excerpts quoted by German media outlets on Monday indicated a radicalization of the movement. Lutz Bachmann, the founder of the movement who briefly resigned as its head earlier this year after after photos showed him posing as Hitler, was quoted on Monday as calling the chancellor's government a "Berlin dictatorship."

Some of the posters directly threatened German politicians, calling them traitors, while others voiced opposition to Muslim immigrants, as these photos show. WAPO Read More>>>>>


  1. Will Merkel end up like Terkel on the 31st? Will she go to the gallows on All Hallows? Trick or treat, smell defeat, give me something good to tweet!

  2. what? NO! Turkel died in bed....and that's not tweet worthy

  3. Then again....Merkel did let all the Turks in...and Merkel is a witch and the witches high holy day is Halloween!

  4. Merkel lives like Urkel "Did I do that?", lies in circles, dies like Terkel.


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