Count Down To Final Synod Doom! Sunday Vote

Just a reminder - tomorrow is the day when we get to see who's analysis of the Synod will be correct. We get to see what layman has true understanding of the workings of the wicked churchmen.

Will the lay prophet of the day be:

1. Gary Voris?
2. The Remnant Newspaper?
3. Hilary White?
4. Louie V.?
5. 1P5?
6. Novus Ordo Watch?
7.  Fr. Z.
8. The Three Stooges?
9. ...................?
Synod puts finishing touches to concluding text ahead of tomorrow’s vote 
The concluding text of the Synod on the Family will be completed between today and tomorrow and will be voted on tomorrow afternoon but it has already been broadly drafted and Synod Fathers are “satisfied” by it. Vatican spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi confirmed this at the daily Synod press briefing in the Vatican. The assembly on the family began on 4 October and is now nearing conclusion. Vatican Insider Read More>>>>
Thanks for all the unnecessary coverage...and in the end it never really mattered......