Looks Like Voris Has Changed His Tune On The SSPX During His Retreat - VOX CANTORIS NOW CLAIMS SSPX IS NOT IS SCHISM!

Weasel Rat Bastard & Gary

Just the other day Vox (Dave Domet) called the SSPX a den of devils that sooner or later would divide itself and disappear over the Sept 1 Papal Decree.

Now today Vox sings a different tune - claims that SSPX is not in schism.

Why the sudden change in Dave?

Well Gary is on retreat and had time to rethink things - as a test he sent note to Dave to post a favorable view of the SSPX to see how it would fly. Did Gary write this post himself?

Or its possible that Dave wrote the post just to see which way the wind blows.

Either way it goes to show you that Vox does not have any back bone. He is fickle and will change his mind if it benefits him. Vox is not a man of convictions but simply a vindictive little man.

If Vox has sincerely changed his tune and Gary has not what does that do to their alliance? Yea...that tells you that Voris has changed his tune & Vox is just following his lead. Just wait until Voris comes back from the dead. And be very wary of Voris if he has changed into a staunch SSPXer!


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