INSTEAD OF CHURCHES + Why Not House All Muslim Refugees In Sesena, Spain? Hundreds Of Vacant Buildings That Could House 100,000 Refugees!

Send 100,000 Refugees Here

Muslims should not be allowed in Europe. One day all Muslims will be pushed out of Europe. In order for all Muslims to be forced out of Europe the political landscape must be changed first. What is this political change?

The destruction of the ballot box - the destruction of Democracy. All democratically elected politicians should be removed from office. How will this happen? First there needs to an Imperial Election to elect the next Holy Roman Emperor - once elected the Emperor can clean house.

In case you have not noticed - democracy does not work.

A Roman Catholic must rule over all because face it the lot of you are not capable of governing yourselves - someone has to do it for you.

In the meantime keep all Muslims ghettoized - in the same area - to make it easier to remove them once we are able to send all Muslims back to whence they came.

So here is a suggestion  - instead of filling up all closed Churches with Muslims it best to use facilities that are no longer in use - such as the ones in Spain:

Here read from Daily Mail:

Spain is steadily becoming a nation of 'ghost towns' - with empty apartment blocks, streets and weed-filled gardens where bustling communities were supposed to move. Entire housing estates built during the country's boom years have been left abandoned, bricked up and now on sale for almost half their original price. One such settlement is Sesena, dubbed the Manhattan of Madrid for its towering apartments and proximity to the capital, where 30,000 people were due to live.

Of the 13,000 homes due to be built, only 5,100 were completed - most of them now uninhabited and the Spaniards who bought them as investments now competing to offload them for huge losses. Spain's housing market crash and economic implosion have turned what was supposed to become a vibrant suburban paradise for young Spanish couples and their children into one of the most visible monuments of the country's boom gone bust. Such modern-day ghost towns have become a familiar part of the Spanish landscape, abandoned shells left to slowly decay. The number of foreclosure proceedings skyrocketed during the economic crisis. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>


  1. Good idea and then let francis financially support them.

    Seattle kim

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