If You're Reading This Blog YOU ARE MORE CATHOLIC THAN POPE FRANCIS!! Catholic Herald Asks: Are you more Catholic than Francis?

If you're not more Catholic than the Pope Francis - you got major problems....

Read from Professor egghead:

In the age of the internet, every man can be his own pope. The natural human urge to think one knows best can be supplemented instantly by the riches of cyberspace. People unskilled in hermeneutics and the contextualisation of documents, and who are unaware of the ways in which doctrine develops across time, but who feel something is wrong with the Church, can easily find ways of proving their feelings are right (often at the same time as mocking the emphasis by Catholics like Pope Francis on the importance of feelings). To assert one’s own authority to pronounce on authentic Catholic teaching in the face of those who are properly authorised to do so, is at best disrespectful and, at worst, to risk schism. Prof John Charmley is head of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Humanities, University of East Anglia Catholic Herald Read More>>>>>



  1. My goldfish is more Catholic than El Bergie. My yard rake as well. The yogurt in my fridge is even more Catholic. Come to think of it, my car's steering wheel is more Catholic when compared with King Bergo.


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