Fuck You Francis Friday!


  1. By all means get the message out but cursing is not godly behavior and because of it I won't use your blog or send it to anyone.
    Pray for Pope Francis!

  2. what you saying Anonymous? you post comments here all the time! I see your name Anonymous more than another other name. what changed in you?

  3. Dear Ms. An Onymous:
    I perused all of your comments you posted on all of my 12 blogs or so and I noticed that you used the F**** word in just every one of your posts. Why did you do this? And why are you telling me that I can't use the F*** word?

    So please Ms. An Onymous reconsider and tell the world about my blogs.

    Oh, and another thing I've heard that you are some kind of computer hacker - I keep hearing stories about computer hacking associated with your name An Onymous......what gives

    signed lonely blogger

  4. Oh one more things Dear An Onymous:

    Do I count my rosary beads for Pope Francis........

    Oh...and another thing I thought the job of a pope cardinal bishop priest religious was to PRAY FOR US! That's their vocation! Not mine.


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