LADY & THE TRAMP: Madonna Begs To Meet Pope Francis! “God Bless Pope Francis. We’ve Got To Meet. A Plate Of Pasta, A Bottle Of Good Wine. Do I Have A Chance?”

“God bless Pope Francis. We’ve got to meet. A plate of pasta, a bottle of good wine. Do I have a chance?” Madonna

Which One Is Tramp?

Over sexed hag on sex and her religion:
“They are a bit to do with my relationship with God and/or sexuality or playing with the idea of God and religion or sexuality; these are all themes that are present in my songs – as you know. It’s also the reason I have been excommunicated by the Catholic Church not once, not twice but three times… I don’t know…do you think the Pope would invite me?” Madonna

When the interviewer remarked: “I think that if you and this Pope meet, he’ll give you a hug,” the queen of pop replied: “fantastic, introduce me to him” Madonna
Vatican Insider