Evil Portent For Vatican Security: Pope Francis Has Appointed Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Graf As The New Commander Of The Pontifical Swiss Guard

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has appointed Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Graf as the new commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Graf joined the military unit in 1987. He replaces Colonel takes the place of Colonel Daniel Anrig, who retired last month, and had been commander since 2008. For over 500 years, the 110-man unit has been responsible for the safety of the Pope, including the security of the Apostolic Palace.

Still unclear why Colonel Daniel Rudolf Anrig was kicked out.

Secret Sodomite Society in the Vatican is the rumor.

Now the Secret Sodomite Society has more freedom to roam around in the halls?

How true is all this? Count down the days to the first murder in the halls of the Vatican during the Francis pontificate begins........