Dear Consolamini.........


  1. Ah yes, ever the Christian, even the thoughtful person I, for my part, will offer a decade of the rosary for you during my adoration hour

    1. Ah yes, ever the practical Christian you are..... how far is your drive? Instead of praying for me, I don't need your prayers, I now how to pray myself, how about doing something practical and useful like filling up my gas tank weekly $ I can attend Latin Mass Daily...“ Jesus teaches us to put the needs of the poor ahead of our own. Our needs, even if legitimate, will never be so urgent as those of the poor, who lack the necessities of life.”...ah...Pope Francis just said this a few hours ago......

  2. I believe that you mean "I know how to pray myself..." not I "now how to pray myself." I only hope you paid better attention to the good sisters in catechism class than you did in spelling. And as for helping you get to your Latin Mass--if it were a channel of grace for you, I would be only too happy, but from your nasty video above and the general tone of your blog, I would have to say that you aren't the best advertisement for the ineffable graces bestowed in whatever Mass you attend. Perhaps a good confession to let go of your anger might prepare you to better receive Our Lord when he comes to you in Holy Communion. That video is not the sign of a graced soul.


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